LACURA EPIMAX Hyaluronic Acid | Support healthy connective tissue and joints | 1 Month supply
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  • 100% 7 DAYS MONEY BACK
  • Made from natural ingredients & no side-effects
  • Natural skin whitening & anti-aging supplement
  • High collagen
  • Lubricates joints and eyes.
  • Promote health & longevity, liver health and improve sleep quality
  • For softer, fairer, smoother, firmer, wrinkle-free, and more youthful skin
  • KKM certified, trusted by millions of satisfied customers all over the world

LACURA EPIMAX Human Joint Supplement

  • Joint Support for Women & Men 
  • Promotes Healthy Joint Function 
  • Made in MALAYSIA


- Hyaluronic Acid  is a super hydrator, as it can absorb more than 1000 times its weight in water。


- Konjac Ceramide restore the skin barrier, improve dry skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, including moisture level, elasticity and skin tone in 15 days。


- Hydrolyzed Collagen with smallest molecular structure (1,000 Daltons) which enables deep penetration into the dermis and increases the digestion and total absorption for effective results。


- The King of Astaxanthin Natures Powerful Antioxidant that can neutralize free radical in our qbody。


- Peach fruit juice powder  is a rich source of minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium and sulfur. It is also contains various Vitamins, such as A, B1, B2, B9 and C.


- Valerian root extract used in the natural treatment of anxiety, sleep disorders, blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, headaches, and joint pains。


- Fructooligosaccharides increasing vilinic movement, bowel content and stool weight.


Lacura EPIMAX HA is an advanced liquid hyaluronic acid (HA) formulation that combines low and high molecular weight HA in a balance that we have found to be remarkably effective. Unlike most hyaluronic acid products in the market, Fluid HA does not contain any animal byproducts, and is derived from Non-GMO grains making it 100% vegan. The liquid dosage allows for easy consumption and rapid absorption. Fluid HA is almost tasteless and can be added to your favorite fruit juice or beverage. Supports Healthy Joints * 


LACURA EPIMAX是一款多种功效产品,一包竟然有如此神奇的功效,让我来告诉你它的神奇功效


1. 玻尿酸(hyaluronic acid)


2. 虾青素(astaxanthin) 


3. 低聚果糖(Fructo oligosaccharide/ Prebiotic)


4. 水解胶原蛋白(Hydrolysed Collagen )


5. 桃粉 (Peach Powder)


6.缬草根(Valerian Root )


7. 魔芋 (konjac-Ceramide) 


Lacura EPIMAX 是一种先进的液体透明质玻尿酸配方,结合了低分子量和高分子量玻尿酸以及我们发现非常有效的平衡。 与市场上大多数透明玻尿酸产品不同,液态玻尿酸不包含任何动物副产品,并且来自非转基因谷物,使其成为100%素食主义者。 液体剂量易于消耗和快速吸收。 液态玻尿酸几乎无味,可以添加到您最喜欢的果汁或饮料中。 支持关节健康*

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