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  • Hormone Balance
  • Boost Stamina & Energy
  • Enhance Immune System
  • Anti Oxidants
  • Vitamin & Fibers

Aboriginal Elder, Beryl van Ooploo, has the collective memory of her ancestors and the direct experience of her own life coursing through her blood. Agape Superior Living is privileged to have access to this vast store and wealth of knowledge to assist it in bringing one of the most complete nutritional supplement foods to the market today.

They have passed this amazing knowledge down over thousands of years through the most effective means of learning retention there is - stories of ancestral beings recognizing, using and inter-relating the elements essential to life.
Australian Aborigines could not only spread across this island continent but lived in some of the most inhospitable regions on Earth. And it was all because of plants for food and sustenance; medicines and first aid; and materials for shelter, protection, tools and chemicals.

Plants were also an integral part of their environment and the life-cycle of humans with plants and animals being tightly interwoven enabling a continuous resource use through each season and many years, through many decades, over millennia and across the Ice Ages.

ATP1s Survivor Select is a specially selected combination of super-survival foods - herbs, spices, fruit, flower and vegetable powders - from their ancient, traditional use.

• Stimulate instant bio-energy production at the cellular level to ensure a sufficient supply of energy to the body cells, maintaining the right energy level and vitality.
• Increase body metabolism and relieves body fatigue and weakness.
• Promote a healthy body development and growth.
• Improve the development of bone and teeth.
• Improve muscle growth.
• Energized cells for a more energized life.
• Promote cell detoxification and repair capabilities, strengthens cell self-healing ability.

Beryl van Ooploo是澳洲土著的长老,她拥有祖先的集体记忆,以及自己留着的血缘和生活经历。爱缔贝优质生活享有这个特权使用这个流传下来的古老智慧,把它带入市场并成了当今最完整的营养补充食品之一。





• 激发细胞的生物能量产生,确保提供足夠的能量给每一个细胞,让细胞能够快速得到能量的补充,维持良好的精力和活力。
• 提高细胞的新陈代谢,缓解身体的疲劳和虚弱。
• 促进健康发育和成长。
• 促进骨骼系统和牙齿结构的生长。
• 促进肌肉组织的生长。
• 提高细胞的活力。
• 促进细胞排毒和修复能力,增强细胞的自愈能力