江鱼仔叁峇酱 (Sambal Ikan Bilis) 280g
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  • 和你外面吃的绝对不一样
  • 严格的制作过程
  • 绝无味精,用双倍的材料熬
  • 绝无防腐剂 , 绝无添加剂
  • 包含10种以上的新鲜食材来熬
  • RM70/KG的上等虾米,RM35/KG的江鱼仔
  • 一家大小都适合吃
  • 100% 保证新鲜
  • 拌饭,拌面,拌点心等等
  • 炒菜,炒海鲜, 炒饭,炒面, 炒肉非常香
  • 沾火锅料, 用来调味样样行
  • Totally different from ordinary Sambal
  • Stringent procedures of making
  • No MSG
  • No preservatives, No additives
  • With more than 10 ingredients
  • RM70/KG Premium Dried Shrimp and RM 35/KG Anchovy
  • Suitable for everyone
  • 100% fresh
  • For pair rice, noodles and any
  • For cooking seafood, rice, noodle and any
  • Great for steamboat sauce and as seasoning

纯手工江鱼仔叁峇酱 - 坚持与希望的象征 Handmade Sambal Ikan Bilis  Symbol of perseverance and hope.

  • 独特口感,微微带辣,香飘十里,甜味适中和有嚼劲的江鱼仔 Spicy, Aromatic, Chewy - All in One
  • 传承的味道 A traditional recipe
  • Sambal酱是马来西亚的特产,一个看起来微不足道的Sambal酱,背后的功夫却让你傻眼!要传承上一代人的味道,制作过程更加不能松懈,经过不停地调整,我们终于取得了一个平衡点。Sambal is one of the Malaysia’s local specialty. The process of making a good Sambal is not easy as you think. It needs to put a lot of times and efforts. Finally, we did it and get a balance between all tastes.
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  • 一罐 – 280gm
  • 上等虾米, 白金线江鱼仔, 干辣椒,蒜米,马来盞,亞三膏, 石头仔,食油,香茅。Premium Dried Shrimp, Premium Anchovies, Dried Chili, Garlic, Belacan, Asam water, Buah Keras, Cooking oil, Lemongrass.