Weehome Smart Cooker
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  • Interconnected with APP
  • Smokeless 
  • Online guide
  • Non-stick liner easy to clean

The full name of the smart fried machine is "Weehome Smart Cooker" officials say a smart fried machinequivalent to a pot + a gas stove + a range hood. The use of modern simple design, 3.5L, visual glass cover, do not stick to the coating tank, can separate the power cord, easy to receive.


The rated power of the stir-frying machine is 1600W, and the accurate temperature control system maintains the temperature under the smoke point, so that there is no oil fume in the kitchen, and there is no need to take care of it. With a patented double-wing mixing shovel, can imitate the real pot stir-fry, uniform taste, support APP intelligent control, select a large number of recipes, with a variety of cooking custom functions.


In the past, cooking requires you to prepare ingredients according to the recipe before cooking in the pot. Many kitchen rookies just do not know how to match the ingredients or do not know how to operate after the pot. The biggest feature of this intelligent cooking machine is convenience and health.

Weehome Smart Cooker connected to APP after there are a large number of recipe choices, you can choose according to their own preferences. After choosing the recipe, you just need to prepare the corresponding ingredients, and then put them into the intelligent frying machine according to the quantity, and the rest of the work will be done by the Weehome Smart Cooker.One click to turn on cooking, the process does not need to take care of, just quietly wait for the food to come out of the pot.


This benefits from the patented wing mixing shovel design, imitating the real pot stir-fry, can not only enjoy delicious dishes but also liberate both hands. The inner tank of the pot body also uses a non-stick coating, which makes it more convenient to use and clean.


Not only convenient, but also healthy. The Weehome Smart Cooker is equipped with an accurate temperature control system, which can control the temperature under the smoke point, so as to realize cooking without oil fume. Without fumes, you can eat healthier.


智能烹饪机的全名是“ 我家智能烹饪机”。智能炒菜机相当于锅+燃气灶+抽油烟机。采用现代简约设计,3.5L,可视玻璃盖,不粘在涂料槽上,可以分开电源线,易于接收。










不仅方便,而且健康。 我家智能炊具配备了精确的温度控制系统,可以控制烟点以下的温度,从而实现无油烟的烹饪。没有烟,您可以吃得更健康。

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